Following was the original call for entry.





  • create a postcard 10 x 15 cm (portrait or landscape)
  • the theme of the artwork relates to “IN BETWEEN” (this could be a feeling, a momentum, a location etc. etc.)
  • indicate on back: your name, country of origin, date of work, your social media and/or web site, a valid email address (to receive notice in case your work is sold)
  • send the postcard without envelope (postmark needs to be stamped)
  • mail to: weissfeder, “in between”, Sonnenbühlstrasse 30, CH-8405 Winterthur, Switzerland
  • mailing deadline: August 31, 2016
  • by mailing your art, you accept all rules and restrictions stated in this call


  • all fiber related techniques are allowed (e.g. hand/machine stitch, crocheting, knitting, sewing, weaving, bead embroidery, fabric collage, patchwork, crossstitch, lace…)
  • all ages and skill levels are welcome


  • up to 3 (three) works per artist
  • only original and exclusive works are allowed
  • no works will be returned
  • the Swiss Hand Embroiderers’ Guild denies all responsability for any loss, theft, breakage or damage of the works


Physical show:

  • all works will be shown in a one-day pop-up gallery at the “Kulturraum Langeweile” (shared artists’ studios) in Winterthur in September or October 2016
  • the Swiss Hand Embroiderers’ Guild is responsible for appropriate advertising
  • all works will be for sale during the exhibition for CHF 35.- each (whereof CHF 30.- goes to the artist and CHF 5.- to the Swiss Hand Embroiderers’ Guild to cover organizational and administrative expenses)
  • artists, who’s work was sold, will be noticed by email within 5 business days after the exhibition to clear payment transaction etc.

Virtual show:

  • all works will be shown in an online gallery on this site


  • visibility of his/her work
  • enrichment of curriculum (physical exhibition)
  • possible small monetary benefit

22 thoughts on “ART CALL

      1. Ive sent several and as long as the embellishments don’t get caught up in the postal machines, they will arrive safe and sound.


    1. I have sent and received dozens. I have even made some with pockets and sent gift cards. They have all arrived. I invite you to check out my blog. I have a 1 million mile quilted postcard challenge that just started Jan 1. So far we are at 70,000 miles.

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  2. This is awesome and I already have an idea forming! Just wondering if the postcard should be entirely made of fabric or is it okay to attach fabric/stitching to firm paper?


  3. Really great project! I am sorry I have missed it! Congratulations to all the artists. Claudia, thanks for sharing! It was a pleasure to meet you.

    Liked by 1 person

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